11:15 AM Eucharist

You may want to join us at TAPESTRY if:

  • you would relish a style of worship where all ages may fully participate and enjoy each other’s presence (a TAPESTRY woven from the wisdom of God in all ages)
  • you sometimes wish you could discuss with others what you’ve heard in the sermon (just after you’ve heard it)
  • you would like to move your body a bit more freely when you worship (or not) — at TAPESTRY it’s up to you
  • you are inspired by artistic expression of all kinds (we’re aiming at a feast for the senses since God made most of us with five)
  • you might like to sing if the music stirs your soul and doesn’t involve 7 long verses from a 17th century hymn (no offense to those who love all 7 verses!)
  • you feel connected to God when you’re surrounded by nature (We plan to gather outdoors in the Columbarium unless rain, cold, or extreme heat force us indoors. We’ll gather in the Ed. Bldg, lower level, in the event of inclement weather. Inclement weather plans will be announced by email and text message.)
  • you want to wear shorts, jeans, flip flops (or even pajamas, kids!) without worrying you’re underdressed.
  • you have an attention span that’s closer to 45 minutes than 60 or 75

Watch this space for ways

you may help get Pew Buddies (at 7:45 & 9:30)

and TAPESTRY (11:15 AM)