God invites us to share in redeeming the world through Love — restoring all people to life-giving, loving, and just relationships with one another, with God, and with the world God created. What an incredible honor!

At St. John’s, we want to help you discover how best to use your God-given talents to make a holy difference in the world around you.

This 4-6 minute survey is designed to help you explore meaningful new ways to serve in and through St. John’s.

Take the survey now to get started.

Taking this survey doesn’t commit you to anything. What it does give you are new ideas for how to use your gifts and interests to participate in God’s work in the world.

Items to note

When you take the survey, you are not making a commitment!

The survey will suggest 10 ways you might get involved, but this is not an exhaustive list. We hope you will find 2 or 3 of your results particularly exciting. We also encourage you to browse the full list of serving opportunities at the church.

After taking the survey, click the “Learn More” button on your results page or confirmation email. Each serving opportunity lists details about tasks involved, an estimation of the time commitment, and the ministry leader’s contact information.

Next Steps

You’ve taken the survey—now what!?

1. Contact a ministry leader to learn more

If your survey results included some exciting opportunities, contact the person listed at the bottom of the description page to schedule a no-strings-attached conversation about the ministry.

2. Browse all of our serving opportunities

There are dozens of ways to serve in and through St. John’s. Some involve small, short-term commitments; and some involve larger, ongoing commitments. We encourage you to dive into the ministry areas below to explore a wide range of options.

3. Talk with a member of our Ministry Engagement Team

If you’re not sure where to start or if you have general questions, please email Roxanne Johnson, our Ministry Engagement Team Leader at She, or another member of the team, would love to help.

4. Wait to be contacted

Church staff members or lay ministry leaders may be in touch as transitions occur or new ministry opportunities arise at St. John’s. We may ask you to consider serving in a new role at St. John’s or in a role that’s only new to you!