Our Annual Giving Campaign for 2021 has “officially” concluded, but it is never too late to let us know your “estimate of giving” (or pledge) for the year ahead. It is how we build a responsible budget for our ministries.


2020 v. 2021 Comparison

In 2020, St. John’s received 140 financial pledges totaling $366,235. As of December 4, we have received 108 totaling $318,274. Thank you to all who have made a plan to give, and have let us know your plan by making a 2021 pledge!


Like so many other families and businesses, our parish has been affected by the loss of income during these months of pandemic.


On the “positive” side, our expenses have been down (due to a staff resignation and lower utility usage), and we have received the benefit of a PPP grant (pandemic relief) which has helped a good deal.


However, we also sadly have lost a few members in 2020 to death or to moves, all during a year when we’ve not been able to welcome new members as readily as we had before the pandemic. As a result, it appears our pledge “base” for 2021 is not as strong as it’s been in recent years.


Over the last few years, we have been reaching toward some important financial goals that will continue to strengthen our parish institutionally such as paying down our outstanding debt on the Education Building, bringing our Office Administrator to full-time, and providing health insurance for this position. Meeting our staff compensation goals, is immeasurably important to retaining an excellent staff who is able to support our parish as we continue to grow and develop our ministries; and this goal, in particular, will depend on building a stronger pledge base for 2021.


If you have not yet made a pledge of your time, talents, and treasure for 2021, and are able to contribute in any amount, we encourage you to complete a pledge form today. Every gift, no matter how large or small, makes a difference; and God has a way of multiplying the gifts we freely give! If you have already made a pledge, but are able to support St. John’s with an extra financial gift this coming year to help bridge us through the hardships of this pandemic season, your parish community will be most thankful!


God bless you, and thank you!