Building & Grounds

The Buildings & Grounds Team ensures the proper functioning, operation, maintenance, safety, and security of all buildings, grounds, furnishings, and equipment of the church.

Church Office Support

Creation Care

The Creation Care Team offers opportunities to engage in environmental advocacy, learn how to slow climate change, and maintain our Native Teaching Garden as well as support local community gardens.


The Communications Team creates a sustainable communication strategy for our parish (including visual, digital, print, and social media) to ensure the congregation and wider community are inspired, well-informed, and empowered for active involvement.


The Fellowship Team helps us build a community where each person has a sense of belonging to God and to one another
through social gatherings, affinity groups, and special events.

Special Event (Decorations)

Special Event (Food Prep & Service)

Special Event (Set Up/Clean Up)

Hot Dog Sunday Coordinator

Hot Dog Sunday (Grilling/Set-up/Clean-up)

Kitchen Coordinator

Coffee Hour Host


The Finance Team regularly examines and reviews the finances of the church, is responsible for the initial drafting of the annual operating budget (ultimately determined by the Vestry), and conducts an annual audit of finances and financial operations.

Information Technology (IT)

The Information Technology (IT) Team monitors our IT systems and initiates upgrades as needed to ensure optimal functioning to support our parish life and ministries.

Invite Welcome Connect

The Invite Welcome Connect Team equips our parish to invite others to be a part of our life with God at St. John’s, welcome strangers as friends, and build strong connections among our parishioners so that all enjoy the blessings of spiritual community.

Ministry Engagement

The Ministry Engagement Team (MET) helps parishioners identify their gifts and passions and discover meaningful ways to serve God and neighbor through St. John’s ministries.


The Outreach Team extends our love of God and neighbor beyond the church walls, engaging us in relationships of mutual love and respect with our most vulnerable neighbors and improving the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all.

Parish Care

The Parish Care Team invites our parishioners into ministry with and for each other, coordinating our efforts to offer spiritual, emotional, educational, and even material support to one another during life’s challenges and changes, whether joyous or difficult.


The Personnel Team ensures a consistent, positive work environment in which employees know what is expected of them, are appreciated, and are able to thrive as they serve our parish.

Preschool Advisory Board

The Preschool Advisory Board oversees the functioning of St. John’s Preschool as a non-profit ministry of the church to serve children of all races, nationalities, and creeds; and as an extension of the Church’s Christian Education program.

Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation Team (with sub-groups for Children/Families, Youth, and Adults) organizes faith formation and learning opportunities for all ages.

Children & Families

Youth (Teens)



The Worship Team includes the following Guilds and Teams: Altar, Flower, Verger, Lay Reader, Acolyte, Chalice, Usher, Music, and AV (Audio/Visual support). Together they enrich our worship life and make it a communal offering instead of the performance of a few.


The Vestry, with the Rector, oversees the entire ministry and administration of the parish and stewards our shared resources to support all that we do to serve God and our neighbors.