Thursday, April 1 online @ 7 PM – Maundy Thursday

04 01 2021 Maundy Thursday Bulletin (click for printable version)

On Maundy Thursday we remember the Last Supper from which comes our practice of Holy Communion and Jesus’s Commandment to love and serve. This service involves foot-washing which Jesus did show us what love and service looks like – it’s intimate, humble, and sometimes messy.

If you live with others in your household, you may wish to prepare a pitcher of warm water, a catch basin, and hand towels so you may wash one another’s feet as we wash feet during the liturgy. If you live alone, you may wish to wash your hands as a sign of your readiness to love and serve.

You can participate live on Zoom (registration required, CLICK HERE), watch live on our YouTube Channel (CLICK HERE), or watch the service recording later on YouTube. The host (bread) of Holy Communion will be served until 9 PM at the altar rail inside the church and outside the main doors of the church. Masks and social distancing required.