Let’s Go Hiking!

Join Helen Holt on some great hiking local trails, especially the Mountains to the Sea Trail, one of NC’s greatest resources for folks who love to be outdoors and hike: a good chunk of it passes right through our area. There’s also various state park hiking trails. In addition, we have Umstead, Annie Wilkerson Nature Preserve, Duke Forest, Eno River, lots of trails in Chapel Hill, and other places.  Helen would love to hear suggestions from the group. In terms of “equipment,” not much is needed.  The hike would take place on the 4th Saturday of each month and be approx. a two-hour hike or so, averaging 5-6 miles, though with extra time, she doesn’t mind going an extra couple miles. Less than 3 miles seems like a waste of a good hiking day! Interested participants should contact Helen at hwholt09@gmail.com or 919 556-1958.

Recently, St. John’s Hikers enjoyed a good group, good weather, and a good trail as we hiked approximately 3.5 miles total along the Mountains to the Sea Trail skirting Falls Lake.  Participants included Ken Ferruccio, Melanie Murphy Rich, Kenille Baumgardner, Roxanne Johnson, Patrice Blanck, and Richard Blanck; front row, Lois Sauer and Stephanie Rogers.

Although the fourth Saturdays are the default dates for our hiking group, June’s hike will be on the third Saturday, June 19.  We plan to continue hiking the MST, starting at the trailhead just past the Raven Ridge Road bridge/causeway and heading west toward Possum Track Road, about 2.5 miles one way.  We can decide as a group during the hike how far we want to go if not the whole way.  This trail section has one tricky, rocky but relatively short section near the beginning. Thus, hiking poles or walking sticks are recommended, and, as always, good walking shoes are a must!