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Creation Care

Creation Care Mission Statement: Create a deeper, greener church by embracing our relationship with the environment and caring for ‘”the least of them”.

  • ‘deeper’ – encouraging greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health;
  • ‘greener’ – doing no harm, providing ecological service.

Guiding Principles: To develop in a way that builds human and ecological health and fosters a connection between the two

Core Values: Ecological service, Spiritual development, Education, and Recreation.

The Creation Care Committee was formed in the fall of 2015 after members of the parish became aware of the diocesan Chartered Committee on Environmental Ministry and its activities. We are guided by the 2011 ‘Pastoral Teaching on the Environment’ issued by the House of Bishops, which asks Episcopalians to pursue the goal of renewing the earth for the flourishing of all life and encourages us to practice ‘Christ-centered mindfulness’ to ‘make us profoundly aware of the gift of life and less prone to be ecologically irresponsible in our consumption and acquisition.’  We have adopted the mission statement of the Chartered Committee as a guide for our goals and activities at St. John’s: ‘Believing that all creation is interconnected and that grace is present in all of God’s creation, we commit to take an active and holistic approach to environmental stewardship through education, service, and sustainable practices.’ 

“St. John’s representatives accepting the Diocesan Environmental Ministry Award during the November 2016 Diocesan Convention included, from left, Rev. Sarah Phelps, Interim Rector; Joe Paulonis, David Bland and Carol Paulonis all members of the Creation Care Committee; and Kitty Kovacs, Search Committee Chair.”