On Sunday, July 11th, St. John’s held our inaugural PRAYGround service. PRAYGround was envisioned as an outdoor worship service for all ages, and it was a joy to welcome so many people from every decade of life! Although we were worried about being rained out, the sun came out just before 5:00pm, leaving us with great (albeit humid) weather for the rest of the evening.

At 5:00pm, youth members of St. John’s came together and enjoyed pizza and fellowship. They worked on an outreach project, painting and praying over baffles. Baffles are pieces of cardboard that provide an additional layer of padding over insulation in Habitat for Humanity building projects. (Although they can be installed with no decoration needed, the prayers and love of St. John’s will now forever be in the walls of these houses!) Meanwhile, parishioners gathered in the columbarium with camp chairs and picnic dinners.

At 6:00pm, we gathered together in the columbarium for worship (no bulletins required!). Kevin O’Donnell played guitar, and we sang Seek Ye First, before delving into the theme of righteousness and peace for the Liturgy of the Word. Mo. Sarah led a reflection that featured Reeses Cups (“two flavors that work better together”), and we thought about what this portion of Psalm 85 means for us today. We learned Mercy is Falling, and then Mo. Amanda celebrated the Eucharist. Our Godly Play participants led us in the song Go Now In Peace, before we finished.

It was wonderful to gather outdoors for fellowship, outreach, and worship together. Join us for next month’s PRAYGround on Sunday, August 15th!